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1, 2, & 3 Day Restaurant Bootcamp Workshops - Marlo Scott Productions

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Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 9.58.02 AMAspiring restaurateurs, bakery owners, and food business entrepreneurs, do you want to know what it feels like to own and run a restaurant, cafe or bakery before spending your life savings on one? Are you a restaurant owner looking to take your business to the next level of operational efficiency by developing operating procedures, checklists and forms? Do you have a café or other food based business and want to minimize chaos, mistakes and inconsistencies in your day-to-day operations? Do you want an experienced, seasoned insider’s feedback on your business plan, concept and your most important and pressing challenges? Welcome to Marlo Scott’s restaurant bootcamp at Sweet Revenge®!  This restaurant immersion course arms you with powerful insight by taking you behind the scenes in the kitchen at Sweet Revenge®, working Marlo’s front of house staff and getting down to brass tacks with Marlo on strategy, marketing, operating challenges, and staffing as it directly relates to life as a restaurant owner. You’ll learn Sweet Revenge® checklists and operating procedures and be exposed to best practices in running a restaurant including sales & patron service, inventory management, kitchen operations, cross-house communications and patron experience management. Marlo’s restaurant bootcamp will enlighten, inspire and empower you on your path to owning, improving and operating your own business. The workshop is customizable into 1, 2 or 3 day programs, designed to meet your goals, budget and time considerations. If opting for the 2 or 3 day program, you can do the workshop on consecutive days or spread them out, whatever is best for your schedule.
Day 1 Best Practices: Front of House Service & Operations; Maximizing the Patron Experience. (10.5 hour day)
7a-7:30a Kickstart conversation with Marlo, tour facility, meet staff
7:30a-4:30p Front of House (FoH) experience. You will learn:
• The FoH checklist of responsibilities and activities required to get the restaurant ready to open.
• The FoH Department of Health checklist.
• Our POS (Point of Sale) platform & how it relates to menus & the business.
• How to take orders, serve patrons, best practices in managing operations while balancing sales & patron service; learn the art of managing to-go business vs dine-in patrons and how to handle Orders In Advance (special orders taken over the phone).
• Operational procedures and our FoH Day-shift Checklist (restaurant operations management)
• FoH best practices for Back of House Communications
• Our inventory management & vendor procedures (ordering & receiving)
• Shift Change from 1st shift to 2nd shift (day to night) – how we handle cash receipts, the drawer countdown & sales & tip reporting.
Noon-1p Lunch with Marlo: FoH Strategy & Management Session
• Front of House Staffing – challenges, hiring, payroll rates, training & motivating, how much staff is needed
• Front of House Experience Management – how to create a stellar experience for your patrons
• The importance of location, understanding traffic patterns, gauging a location’s potential
4:30p-5:30p FoH Strategy & Management Session with Marlo
• Tips & Tricks on getting patrons in the door
• Vendors – issues & management
• Dine-in small-wares vs Take-away packaging
Day 2 Best Practices: Kitchen Operations Management (weekday assumed; times adjusted if on a weekend) (9.5 hour day)
6a – Noon with Our Head Chef in the Kitchen (Back of House BoH). You will learn:
• The checklist of responsibilities and activities required to get the Kitchen ready for the open.
• The BoH Department of Health checklist.
• How to forecast your production needs
• Operational procedures and our BoH Day-shift Timeline
• Inventory management & vendor procedures (ordering & receiving and related forms)
• Station setup and Meal transition (if weekday – breakfast to lunch; if weekend only brunch is served)
• Cross-training  – the balance and division of savory vs pastry
Noon – 1p BoH Management Session & Lunch with Marlo
• Kitchen Staffing – challenges, hiring, payroll rates, training & motivating, how much to staff
• Quality Control
• Plating & Packaging (Dine-in vs To-go) as it pertains to the menu, operations, branding & patron experience
1p – 3:30p with Head Chef in the Kitchen (Back of House BoH). You will learn:
• How to gauge changes needed to the day’s forecast to adjust for real-life conditions
• Balancing service and production
• Restocking
• How to properly close down the kitchen
• Sales & Production paperwork
 3:30 – 4:30p BoH Recap with Marlo
• Menu/recipe development process; costs vs pricing vs competition
• Chef management challenge of balancing strategic vs operational responsibilities and peer-to-peer communications
• Dividing & Conquering – responsibilities in the kitchen
• Maintenance/Facilities Management staffing
Day 3 Business Management & Strategy with Marlo (8a – 4p) (8 hour day)
Select up to 4 topics for in-depth coverage or choose all topics which will be covered on a higher level, abbreviated basis.
1. Dynamics & financial reality of brick & mortar food businesses
2. How to allocate the scarce resource of “Me” / your role
3. Business planning vs real-life market conditions
4. Do-it-yourself branding, marketing, social media & PR
5. Writing a business plan
6. What to look out for with architects, general contractors & the Dept of Buildings process
7. Health inspections
8. Intellectual property (trademark) issues & insight
9. Working with Key team members (book-keeper, accountant, business banker, consultant)
10. Equipment sourcing tips
11. Managing cashflow – lessons learned
12. Review & Discuss Your Business Plan and/or issues/challenges/opportunities specific to your business
Breakfast and lunch are included each day. Please note the above schedules are meant as a guide and actual times spent on individual topics may vary. Although operational checklists & procedures will be covered, these documents are not included as takeaway course materials.
13. How, Why & What to Systematize in your Business ie (Forms, Checklists, Procedures)
14. Point of Sale Discussion: traditional systems vs Ipad friendly technology options,  pros and cons, important reports & features
15. Security Cameras: placement, capabilities, rationale
16. Topic of your choice

Day 1 $1500
Day 2 $1500
Day 3 $2500
All 3 Days: $5000

Payment must made in advance. Refunds are NOT issued. Re-schedulings are NOT accommodated.

Schedule Your Session With Marlo