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Small business is truly a wild ride. At 10:30pm on 9/14 my lovely responsible fabulous bartender Jen called to verify the grease trap cleaner’s visit was legit. Indeed I had set that service call up over a week ago and had to chase A&L (who do great work by the way) for the actual on-premise call. I had spaced telling her. Thankfully she called and confirmed and our grease trap became now shiny and new again….well at least cleared of fatbergs.

At 6:30am the next morning (9/15), my lovely responsible fabulous chef Damaris called to let me know our POS license was down and she couldn’t start it. Grumplestiltskon at that hour, I huffed and puffed about calling the 800 customer service line to fix what I could not at that hour.  At 7:30am I was in touch with our AMAZING rep Vanessa at our POS company who was on the case.

Hours later at 10a Vanessa and a new trainee were at mine fixing and updating and making the world a better place through functional restaurant technology.

At 2:55p that same afternoon, my brand new, fresh out of high school, sweet bartender Alyssa ran into my office, explaining she had just been robbed of all her cash tips! A lousy @$!@# fake patron aka thief asked for an order for our truffled mac n cheese. The minute Alyssa turned her back with the ticket for the kitchen, the woman snatched all her tips out of the tip jar and bolted.

At 4:15 pm, two awesome NYPD showed up and took the report. I showed them the video of the theft in action.

At 7p, my incredibly wonderful friends Cesar & Kristian helped figure out how to download the video file from the security camera and email the evidence to the NYPD.  I then treated my lovely pals to yummy thai food at a little joint around the corner from Sweet Revenge®. We finished off the night with some much needed cupcakes & bubbles back at mine.

Wise words from Grateful Dead’s Truckin: “Lately it occurs to me what a long, strange trip it’s been.”


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